Benefits of washing face with garm flour

Friends, we are going to discuss the benefits of washing face with gram-flour . If you have wasted a lot of money and time in using cosmetic creams then this information is for you. Read this article and know about the benefits of washing face with gram-flour .Gram-flour acts as a cleanser for both – health and beauty. You can use gram-flour with curd, rose water and turmeric powder. Soap contains many chemicals but gram-flour is totally natural.

Benefits of washing face with Gram-flour -:

  1. Removes dead skin -: Gram-flour removes the dead skin from face. Apply paste of gram-flour on face for some time and then clean the face by rubbing it. It removes the dead skin of the face.
  2. Remove oil from face -: Soap harms the natural oil of face and also effect the moisture of the skin. Gram-flour is not like that. Use this paste and take advantage.
  3. Enhance skin tone -: Gram-flour also has bleaching agents which bleach the skin naturally .
  4. Smoothing of skin -: Skin becomes soft and smooth using gram-flour. On the other hand, if you always use soap on face, face will become dry and dull.
  5. Removes blackheads -: If you have blackheads near the nose area, then gram-flour is the best medicine for removal of blackheads.
  6. Acne removal -: If you wash your face with gram-flour , acne on the face will become dry and face will become clean.
  7. Removes marks -:  Bleaching agents of gram-flour helps in removing the marks of pimples. So, use gram-flour instead of soap.
  8. Safe and natural -: Where soap can’t assure you 100% purity , gram-flour is quite more pure than soap. It contains no chemicals , no doesn’t effect face.
  9. Tighten pores -: Skin pores of face looks very bad. Use always gram-flour which will reduce the size of the pores and face will look attractive.
  10. Remove tanning -: Washing face with gram-flour instead of soap lighten the face colour easily and removes tanning.
  11. Method to apply the gram-flour -: You can use gram-flour in many ways like mixing gram-flour with curd and rose water. Or you can also mix honey in gram-flour.

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