How to Get Rid of Tiredness and Laziness

Very often we feel tired even after taking proper sleep . Even after so many hours of sleep, our body feels laziness and tiredness. Here we are giving some tips to get rid of tiredness .

1. Go for regular walk : Start your day by walking 30-35 minutes. Your body will work properly. Exercise is a good source of activeness for body and mind. Soon you will find the result.
Whenever you feel tired in any time, go out for 5 minutes . If not possible then do some stretching exercises ,your body will become active.
2. Don’t work under pressure of time : Do your work on proper time. Always take 5 minutes extra for any work. May be some time cam be wasted in traffic or some because of the other friends ,so it is better to keep calm and set your schedule according to the remained time. This will save your energy.
3. Set time table for every day : Make list of important works of the day in morning. Write priority works in first and then all other works. Try to do something new but whenever there is any need for change in programs , don’t hastle and accept the changes.
4. Do one work at a time : If you think that you have to do so many works and how it will finished then don’t do in hurry. Make a list and do all works in sequence.
5. Take a deep breath : Our saints concluded the benefits of deep breath even thousands years ago. It’s like a blessing for the body. Try this technique and you will see the changes.
If you are so much tired then take a deep breath 3-4 times. release the breath at a time and close your mouth and again take a deep breath through mouth . Hold the breath and count 1-6, nd after couting release the breath , repeat this procedure for 3 times and you will feel active.
6. Keep your weight under control : Under control weight has many benefits.b because excessive weight will increase tiredness . You have to keep control on your diet and do some exercise to keep weight under control.
7. Take balanced diet : Take proper diet. Never skip breakfast and take proteins in breakfast. A proper diet helps in removing tiredness. Never eat unhealthy food.avoid oily food. Try to take fruits and vegetables.
8. Take good sleep : Take proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours. You can also sleep for some time in afternoon .late night chats, or less sleep will effect your body. On the other hand, excessive sleep will harm your body. You will feel heaviness in head.
9. Music can help you relax : Music can be beneficial in removing stress and tiredness. So make it habit and feel fresh.
10. Laugh : Laughter is the best medicine. So laugh whenever you got a chance. It will reduce your stress and tensions.
11. Do work, which gives you satisfaction : Take some time for study, friends, picnic. Take a break from daily routine . But keep in mind that excess rest is harmful.
Always think positive. It will keep your mind fresh and also saves time. You will feel activeness in your body and everything will be according to your choice.

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