Home remedies for Dandruff, Hair fall and Small hairs

Today we are going to discuss such methods by which you can get rid of all kinds of hair problems . This method was used by ladies of villages about 30-40 years ago. And with these methods, their hair remained black and shiny till old age. This method is for people of every age group. Its like a blessings for such people who have dreamed for long hair.

Requirement -: 

* Acacia concinna powder – 100 gm
* Amla powder – 100 gm
* Soap-nut powder – 100 gm

Procedure -:

* Mix all the three ingredients in same quantity .
* Store it in a glass jar.
* Take curd according to your hair size . Add 3-4 tablespoons of powder in curd for normal girl hair, 2 tablespoons for short hair and 1 tablespoon is enough for males.
* Keep this mixture overnight .
* Apply this mixture in hair in the morning for 15 minutes
* Wash hair without any shampoo.
*  Girls can use this method thrice or boys can use daily for hair wash .
* Grey hair becomes natural black within 40 days.
* It also cures baldness .

Important -:

* Excessive dandruff is main reason of this problem.
* Use a blood purifier with this treatment .
*. Massage your head with Collin oil in night .

People facing early age greyness of hair should follow this method by mixing all the oils-:

* Almond oil – 250 gm
* Poppy seed oil – 50 gm
* Gul-oil – 50 gm
* Pumpkin oil – 50 gm
* Almond oil – 50 gm

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