Home Remedies for Dengue Fever

Fenugreek leaves are beneficial in dengue fever, increases platelets .

Dengue, malaria , typhoid is very common these days because of the changing season. People of every age group are suffering from these diseases. Dengue is such disease , which can kill the patient . This disease caused by mosquito nd most important thing about this mosquito is that dengue mosquito always attacks in day and it increases in fresh water. Joint pain and headaches is very common in dengue and children are suffering more from dengue than elders. Platelets level decreases in dengue and it may be lead to death . You can use these home made remedies with your medicines in dengue. We are going to describe some tips to increase o platelets in dengue.

Fenugreek seeds : Fenugreek seeds are very beneficial, it cure fever. Dengue virus gets out of the body with the use of fenugreek seeds. Also helps in sound sleep.  Dip some leaves of fenugreek in water and drink this water after some time. It will reduce the threaten of dengue. Or you can use fenugreek leaves as herbal tea by boiling its k leaves.

Tinospora cordifolia : Give drink of tinospora cordifolia to dengue patient in 2-3 times a day. Or take some wines of tinospora cordifolia and some ocimum tenuiflorum and boil it and add some leaves of papaya and give this mixture of liquid to patient .which will increase his platelets. There is no more beneficial remedy to increase platelets . If you are unable to find these leaves, then you can purchase tablets of tinospora cordifolia from Ayurveda medical shop..

Milk of goat is beneficial : Although many people don’t like goat’s milk but it’s very useful in dengue. Give some milk to patient without boiling . It will increase his platelets as well as cure joint pain.

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