Home Remedies for Diabetes

Today we are going to discuss 4 ways to cure diabetes forever. If you follow this simple tips in daily routine , then definitely your sugar will be cured.  This tip is beneficial in both kinds of diabetes and definitely diabetes will be cured.  And soon medicines will start effecting .

  1. Oil pulling :-
    Chew nuts, mustard seeds ,coconut for 15 minutes. Don’t swallow it, spit it after some time.
  2. Tinospora cordifolia brush :-
    Then brush your teeth with tinospora cordifolia and swallow the juice. If you don’t find tinospora cordifolia, then you can prefer Collins .
  3. Morning walk :-
    Go for morning walk daily. Run for sometimes with the speed you are comfortable. Walk on some cracked roads. , Its very beneficial for sugar patients.
  4. Yoga :-
    Do yoga for 15 minutes daily. Do from pose yoga for atleast 5 minutes.  Pancreas start flowing and cells start gaining excess sugar if body. It controls the sugar level. And after this, follow your daiky routine and medicines.


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