Home Remedies for Dry Chapped Lips

Temperature is falling with the passing of November month . It means winters have come. Some people have to face skin and lips problems in this season. People use cosmetics or beauty products in order to get rid of this problem but it is very harmful for the body.  Today we are going to discuss 10 ways which will save you from the harness of chemicals of beauty products.

1.Use aloevira juice on your lips, it will become soft.
2. Honey is also very beneficial for dry cracked lips. Apply honey as a balm on lips.
3. Apply some oil or ghee on your lips before sleeping.
4. Massage your lips with butter.
5. Mix some drops of glycerin in rose water and apply on lips. Or make a paste of rose petals and use on lips. Your lips will become pink and soft.
Mix some drops of glycerin in honey and apply on lips. Wait for 15 minutes and wash with fresh water. Apply glycerin in lips before sleeping.
7. You can use some drops of mustard oil on your lips .
8. Take one tablespoon of milk and add some rose petals and mix some almond powder in it and keep this paste in fridge for sometime. Apply on lips and wait for 15 minutes. Lips will become soft and pink.
9. Add some drops of pomegranate juice in cream and apply on lips. It will help in dry cracked lips. And lips will become pink and soft.

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