Home Remedy For Clean Complete Body Internally

Know about this medicine, whose only one teaspoon clean the entire body.

 We have heard many times that God also habitat, where there is cleanliness.
so we should keep our body clean along with our surroundings. And this cleaning should not only be deaf  but also internal. Due to the contaminated environment and food nowadays, the functioning of our body is worsening. Due to which our dirt is stored within our body. Which causes many diseases.So today we are going to tell you about such a home remedy, which is beneficial in cleaning your whole body. The use of this powder in this remedy is particularly beneficial for extracting the dirt from our body. It is very beneficial in cleaning stomach, Intestines, liver, spleen, ache and uterus etc. The use of this powder constipation and diarrhea are opened. This powder also relaxes in spleen, hepatic, uterus and stool diseases. Apart from all these diseases, it is possible to give them pre dosing all those before cleansing the stomach before giving medication. It has the quality that does not get diluted diarrhea, but all the stool gets out in the form of tied diarrhea.

Let’s know about this remedy (Remedy clean complete body internally)

Necessary Ingredients :-  Black salt – 10 grams

Kaladana – 30 grams (also called Krishna seed)

Sense – 30 grams

Recipe :-1. First of all, granule and granule, grind and granule, make the powder of it thoroughly.

2. Now grind black salt and filter it and mix it in the powder formed above.

Consumption method :-1. Consume this powder to the extent of 2 to 5 grams.

2. Before the time of the sleep, eat the powder and drink lukewarm water from the top.

3. By revealing one or two diarrhea in the morning, the body becomes lighter.

Caution : – 
1. Initially, take this powder in small quantity, after you can increase its volume.

2. But according to the above method, take less amount in the beginning, otherwise you may have more diluted diarrhea.

3. Eating of this powder feels pain in the stomach. It scratches the stool frozen in your intestines.

4. In this situation, you will keep a little fennel in the mouth, it will soon come out.

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