How To Keep Your Heart Healthy in Winters

Although winter season is good but it may cause some problems to the patients of high blood pressure and heart patients . But if you use some precautions then there is nothing to worry.
Heart patients should give special care to their health in this season. Because it may increase the problems of heart patients. Our body as well as environment suffers a great change which may lead in some problems. Here we are going to discuss some problems.
1. Blood arteries become shrink in order to give heat to body. Except these, there is no sweating in this season which may increase the salt of body. Which effects the blood pressure and high blood pressure results in the heart problems. Person have to face sometimes breath problems because if the change in body system.
2. Fear of viral infection and infection in breath pipe increases. Actually lungs and heart are interconnected to each other. So infection may cause serious problems of heart.
3. Many festivals and occasions come in winters. People take high calorie food in parties. Some drink alcohol, which effects their body as well as heart.
4. People prefer to sit at home in quilts in winters instead of going out for walk. So their weight increases.

Tips to get rid of this problem :

1.High blood pressure patients and heart patients should take salt and water in limit in this season.
2.Heart patient should avoid early morning walk. Walk after sun rise and don’t walk after sun set. Do exercise without eating anything.
3. Keep checking the blood pressure . Try to control weight. If blood pressure increases, consult with your doctor.
4. Infection in chest, pain should take seriously. Normal people have no serious issue but heart patient should take it seriously.
5. If you feel any problem in breath, swelling in foot then consult your doctor immediately. Doctor will suggest you that if there is any need to extract excess water from body in form of urine.
6. Take proper vaccination of breath diseases like influenza, pneumococcal . It’s dose after 5 years can remove the threaten of pneumococcal lifetime.
7. Try to avoid heater in closed room because it removes the moisture if the room which leads to cough and breath problems . Person facing lung problem should take steam if boiled water .

These tricks can help you to keep body fit in winters also. Even blood pressure patients , heart patient can be escaped from any problem in winters using these techniques .


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