How to remove wrinkles and pimple marks from face

Everybody wants clean and clear skin. But it’s not not possible in the modern era because we could not give much attention to the skin as it’s requirement . Face with wrinkles and marks looks dull. If you are facing problem of pimples, then definitely it would give marks.
Although many cosmetics are available in market to remove marks and wrinkles but nothing can take place of natural products.  So, here we are going to discuss such methods with which you can clean your skin.  It cures approx. All diseases related to skin.

Requirement -: 

* Pure honey – 1 tablespoon
* Cinnamon powder – 1 tablespoon
*.  Nutmeg powder – 1 tablespoon
* Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon

Procedure -:

* Mix all the ingredients .
*. Be aware if your skin is sensitive then honey mist be pure.
* Prepare a paste.
* You can also add some water to it according to requirement .

How to use -:

* Clean your face with fresh water .
* After drying your face, massage your face with this mixture.
* Massage in circular motion with the help of hands.
* Wash your face after 15 minutes
* Then apply moisturising cream on your face.
* You can use this method thrice in a week.

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