Low Time Period

What is low time period?

Easy discharging during the sex is called as early discharge period and the process is called as low time period. This brings the disturbances in the sex life and brings dissatisfaction to the female partner and it hinders the relationship. And when the female dissatisfied from the husband she look forward for another relationship. The main reason of easy discharging of the sperm is:

  • Regular Masturbation
  • Nightfall
  • Fear of not able to have sex.

Reason for low time period:

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle plays a very vital role in the sex life. It can boost or can disturb the life style. Change in lifestyle sometimes brings the stress in life which directly affects the sex life.
  • Ageing: It is also the main cause which hinders the sex life. As the person grows older and older there power and capacity of doing activity both decreases. The female suffers the lot because the intercourse becomes dry and after 50’s she has to go for the menopause which directly affects the sex life.
  • Depression: If the person is going through the depression then at that time the feeling and the power of doing sex is at the low level which will not bring the warmness between the two couples and this brings the interest of sex on hold.

How to deal with it?

  • Increase the level of male hormones (Testosterones)
  • Increase the level of blood flow
  • Male hormones testosterone if work properly then you will definitely dominate in that case refers doctor and take medicines.

If the men are suffering from it then he should consult the doctor take his advice and starts the medication.

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