How to stop Hair Fall

How To Stop Hair Fall

Now a days , early-age hair fall and hair breakage is very common because of many reasons. It’s is very common to fall some hair while combibg but it becomes serious issue if hair fall increases. Males have to face problem of even baldness due to the continuous hair-fall. Hair doesn’t get proper nutritions if we don’t take proper diet which weakens the hair roots and results in hair-fall. It is beneficial to use domestic things or home made remedies to stop hair fall instead of taking medicines, which has no harmful effects.
So, here we are going to describe a method to make a remedy to stop hair-fall.

Ingredients:- Lemon juice


How to use:– Make a paste by mixing lemon juice in curd and apply this paste in your hair just before half an hour of bathing . Wash your hair with fresh water . Hair-fall will decrease using this method.

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