How To Take Care of Eyes

Eyes are very sensitive and beautiful part of body. it is very important to take care of eyes in modern era. We spent a lot of time in front of computer. Because of which eyes suffers a lot. In addition to this, pollution and air particles also effects eyes. So here we are going to tell some tips of take care of eyes and to increase the beauty of eyes .

  1. Massage soles with mustard oil :-
  • If you are facing problems of eyes, then massage your foot soles with mustard oil.It cures eye diseases .Massage also removes tiredness and keep the eyes moist.
  1. Rosewater :-
  • You can drop rosewater in eyes to give them rest. But please check the quality of rosewater before use.
  • Placing used tea bags on eyes removes swelling of eyes.
  • Dip the petals in fresh water whole night and wash your eyes with this water. It will increase eyesight.
  1. Carrot :- 
  • Carrot juice is very good for health. Drink one glass of carrot juice daily.
  • Take proper sleep to take full rest .
  1. Fresh water :-
  • It is very easy way to clean the eyes. Fresh water maintains the moisture of eyes. Moisture is very important for keep the eye working. Never let your eyes to be dry. Dry eyes cause Many problems. Keep your eyes washing with fresh water.
  1. Rose petals :-
  • Dip some petals of rose in water with some mulberry. Wash your eyes with fresh water , it will cure tiredness. Eyes will become fresh .
  1. Green vegetables and fruits :-
  • Vitamin A is very important for eyes. Taking fruits which are enriched in vitamin A will keep your eyes healthy and beautiful .Vitamin A found in fruits like mango, milk, milk products and tomato .
  1. Cucumber :-
  • Cucumber is not only part of salad plates , it has many features of beauty products . It’s considered to be very beneficial for eyes. Place 2 slices of cucumber on eyes for 10-15 minutes. It soothes the eyes and eyes become healthy. Cucumber also cures dark circles of eyes.
  1. Potato :-
  • Potato is very beneficial for eyes. Cut two slices of eyes and place it on eyes of 10-15 minutes.  Eyes feel relaxed and removes tiredness. Dark circles are also cures by using potato .


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