Treatment For Poor Appetite

Cause and symptoms of poor appetite 

No proper diet, drugs and excessive oily and spicy food is the main reason for poor appetite.  Although it’s not a disease yet person feels weak and his body suffers deficiency of nutrition’s in body.

Treatment for poor appetite :- 

1. Tamarind -: In condition of poor appetite , boil some tamarind in water, and drink this water after filtering it. Addition of cloves , black pepper and cardamom will be more beneficial.

2. Pomegranate -: Pomegranate is very beneficial in digestion . It increases the digestion of body. Mix black pepper , cumin and asafetida to make it a powder and this powder will improve appetite.

3. Falsa -: Mixing falsa with black pepper powder and salt, it will increase eating habits.

4. Raisins -: Raisins, dry dates and tamarind also help in improving appetite .

5.  Ginger -: Take one tablespoon ginger juice and one tablespoon sugar after meal, it is effectable in poor appetite.

6.  Apricot -: It’s very beneficial in constipation which improves the digestion.

7. Plums -: Plums are very important in improving appetite. Its juice is very beneficial in digestion .

8. Lemon -: Mix some drops of lemon juice in one glass water, you can add some salt according to your taste. Its very useful remedy for digestion .

9. Cucumber -: Eat salad of cucumber, onion before meal which is very useful in poor appetite .

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