Pregnant women do these remedies for normal delivery !!

Every pregnant woman has the only desire that her baby will be born healthy.But nowadays, the chances of this happening are diminished in the generation that has gone away from the  shadow of the culture and its elderly people.That is, nowadays we see that the maximum delivery of maximum children is premature or a sick child.Everybody should know, what is the difference between normal delivery and Caesarean delivery by operation.If a woman has a Caesarean delivery, after the delivery, the woman has to be careful about many things like her eating, drinking and working.

If the woman does not take care of her, then she has to face troubles like after the delivery of Stretch Marks etc. and the danger for the woman remains.But this does not happen in normal delivery.In this, the woman does not face any such problem.In normal delivery both mother and child are healthy on both mental and physical levels.

Therefore, most women prefer to have normal delivery.So if you wish to be born healthy baby then you should keep a lot of things in mind for this.

Remember the following things in pregnancy :

  1. Food : The pregnant woman should eat food according to the food chat given in by the doctor.Because when the normal delivery of woman is done, then at that time, 300 to 400 ml of blood from body goes bleeding.In this case, women should take as much iron and calcium as possible as possible.
  2. Health Care : When the woman becomes weak and there is a lack of blood in her, then it becomes very painful giving birth to a child.Therefore, every woman should take good care of her food and health.
  3. Water Level In Body : The woman should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day during pregnancy, because in this condition, the child lives in a lagoon filled with fluid in the uterus.This lake has amniotic fluid, which gives your child energy in the womb.
  4. Exercise : If the woman exercises during pregnancy every day or before pregnancy, then her delivery is more likely to be normal.By exercising, the woman’s muscles are strong, due to which she has no problem keeping her child proud. By doing this, your child will also be healthy.
  5. Walking in pregnancy : Everyone says that it is necessary for a woman to have rest in pregnancy, but if she walks mostly on foot in this way, then it is good for both children and mother.If the woman wants to go to the market then she should go by walk so that her health is good.

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