Herbal medicine for maintaining harder erections for longer duration of time | Kaunch seeds or Mucuna seeds

For herbal treatment of your sexual disorder … adopt Ayurveda today..

Mucuna Pruriens Bak., Leguminosae, is one of the popular medicinal plant whose seeds are used for treating sexual problems in India. All parts of Mucuna plant possess valuable medicinal properties and there is a heavy demand of Mucuna in India. The  wonderful use of Kaunch seeds powder or Mucuna seeds powder is its role in improving the sexual stamina and strength in men. It is nautre’s best male aphrodisiac and helps to maintain harder erections for longer duration of time.

Plant Description

Mucuna pruriens is an annual twinning plant. Its leaves are trifoliate, gray-silky beneath. petioles are long and silky, 6.3–11.3 cm. Dark purple flowers (6 to 30) occur in drooping racemes. Fruits are curved, 4 – 6 seeded.  Leaflets are membranous, terminal leaflets are smaller, lateral very unequal sided.

kaunch ke beejBENEFITS OF MUCUNA PRURIENS(Kaunch ke beej) POWDER

  • Mucuna seed powder is used as an aphrodisiac to improve the quality of the sperms, their total count. It helps in longer and sustained erection. It helps a lot in premature ejaculation. The seed powder is also used for improving general physical stamina and strength.
  • Recent discovery that the seeds contain L-dopa has lead to it’s widespread use in Parkinson’s and is demand is increasing worldwide.
  • Roots, according to the Ayurveda, are diuretic, stimulant, aphrodisiac. It is considered useful to relieve nephropathy, dysmenorrhoea, nerveous weakness, general weakness, ulcers.
  • It is a source of minerals. According to Ayurveda, seeds are astringent, improves stamina, libido, low sperm count, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, general and sexual tonic.

Dosage Of Kaunch Seed Powder

  • 3-6 grams of Mucuna Seeds Powder should be taken per day.
  • Its dosage should be taken as per Doctor’s prescription.

कौंच के बीज की दवाई, कैसे बनायें कौंच के बीज की दवाई, सेक्स पॉवर बढाने की दवाई, सेक्स शक्ति, शुक्राणु समस्या

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